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services it can do computers birminghamWe cover the whole range of computer and IT services and solutions for clients around Birmingham and the West Midlands area. This includes a wide range of services, often not fully understood because of their technical and behind-the-scenes nature, therefore in our below summary of all our services we’ve aimed to categorise these into useful areas for our clients and users, can actually understand not just in technical forms for the sake of it.

1. Websites & Online Presence

We provide website hosting for a range of needs and data, and work with local website designers to help with any website design requirements and online marketing solutions, all tailored to work with any existing external or internal help our clients have.

2. Reactive Equipment Repairs

Whether that’s a computer repair, or more specifically a laptop or PC and screen repair, we can look at all these and any form or troubleshooting that’s needed.

3. New Equipment Needs

So whether that’s a new PC and computer purchase and set-up, a simple upgrade to what you already have, or a whole new office or home IT system to get everyone connected.

4. Sorting Out Software

As well as any initial software installations and set-up, we can provide regular updates, with careful regular maintenance to ensure that they will last for years.

5. Preventative Maintenance & Support

We compare computer and IT systems to a car in that you still need to carry out a regular MOT and basic checks and maintenance in order to keep it lasting a long time as well as safe. It’s the same with computers and your IT system.

6. Internet & Telephone Connection

The two supplies often just as important as your gas and electricity, therefore we can help install and manage any phone and internet broadband lines you need, including any unusual scenarios such as new radio-wave internet provision to buildings and mobile Wi-Fi provision and routers.

7. Telephone Systems

This is a whole area in itself, particularly for larger businesses, and dealing with external and internal calls, and involving new as well as old methods, like VoIP and cloud-based telephone services.

8. Data Storage & Protection

A huge area that most people are unaware of, including any internal server needs and management, cloud-based systems and technology like Office 365, ensuring regular data backups, procedures for quick data recovery where needed, and virus detection and protection as well as firewalls and spyware.

9. Help & Support

As well as basic support and call-out facilities over time, this includes 24/7 emergency call out facility and even initial and ongoing training and tuition.

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