facebook can do computersI thought we would share with you a couple of things that happened that made us question the power and real-life value of Facebook. 
First of all we came across an article that surprised us a little.  The article said that youngsters are using Facebook less than they have in the past. Like many people we thought that this social media platform and living online were set to take over the world.  I believed that the site was becoming more popular than ever.  Of course the article may have been the result of some research or a survey, but it caught my attention.
It makes you think that maybe Facebook has reached its saturation point and youngsters are finding new ways of socialising.  Let’s hope that it is offline instead of another social media site.  
Secondly, we knew someone who was chair for a residents meeting on a housing estate.  Formal letters had been sent out to residents and they expected around 20 people to attend the meeting.   I decided to use the residents group Facebook page and braved a status update declaring details of the meeting, I waited for any backlash that may have come my way.
The day before the meeting I had a call from one of the residents stating that news of the meeting had spread to other resident groups on Facebook 
I turned up at the meeting to find the person who was managing the location had heard on Facebook that 150 people would be stomping down to the meeting with all kinds of gripes. Yikes!
We ended up with 6 people in attendance and each pair came from the same household, so there were only 3 households represented at the meeting. 
Our conclusion for Facebook was that it had created a false world.  It was interesting to see how people had vented their concerns on Facebook, but did not take part in any offline action.
For me, it re-iterates the limitations and dangers of Facebook and other social media platforms.  They can spiral off and have little relevance to the issues at hand.
We know that social media platforms are a good way for communicating quickly and efficiently, they allow people to speak freely.  However, there is a downside to this, a false world can be created with expectation, so much so that the momentum can apply a far greater force that in can in reality.  It could be that the youngsters of today and instinctively sensing this. 
I guess the answer might be to realise the limitations and manage them correctly.