computer network can do computersYour network is an important aspect of your business. In some cases it may even be absolutely essential and if it “went down” your work would grind to a halt. Perhaps you have an existing network that has served you well over the years. How much thought do you ever give to upgrading it? Maybe not a lot. Or maybe you’re just looking into now, which is why you’re reading this article. 
There are several reasons you could be looking at a network upgrade. Here we will take a look at some of the reasons and the most effective tips you should put into practice to keep any threats to your network at bay. 

1. Performance

The most effective way to improve the performance of your network is by kitting it out with some updated architecture. Treat your network to a 100 Megabit switch, or a Gigabit Ethernet switch with Layer 3 and Virtual Local Area Network capability, and you’ll see how the transfer speed of your network will increase. Especially if your business uses some of the more advanced technologies that place greater demand upon the network capability. 
With the emphasis, these days, on latency and switching performance, networks are no longer as plug-and-play friendly as they once were. You need to pay attention to the switches and having a core network that can offer the necessary support items layered on the IP network. 

2. Reliability

As mentioned earlier in the article, if you think you cannot do without having your network available at all working hours and that your work would come to a stop at the slightest network outage you need to think about reliability. 
How reliable is your network at the moment? Perhaps it is fine right now but with changes in software and the increase in demands being made upon the network since you initially set it up can you rest easy without giving it a tune-up?
Make sure you have a router from a reputable and reliable manufacturer. The more advanced the router is, the more control you can have over it and tailor it to meet your exact needs. Whatever your business is, your clients deserve a top-class service. So make sure you work with a top-class network. Going for low-grade equipment may only cause problems later on. 

3. Security

Security cannot be mentioned enough when talking about your computer equipment  and I.T. networks. We know that you’re constantly being advised to change passwords etc. but it really is an important issue. So bear with us and take the following on board. 
Your Firewall is an essential component for your network and therefore it is essential to your business. With all the data you use being transferred through the same filter you need to make sure you have a dedicated Firewall that can protect your network from unwanted elements. 
Most network devices will come with their own firewall and router but it is always a good idea to have your own purpose-built firewall that works as a separate device and concentrates on its sole task: filtering the data traffic and removing any threats.